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Solving the Weekly Demo - How to Operationalize without Over Complicating It

Question asked by 8239ef8110fc5c0d4011b8c0e03703ac59f6d2ab on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by 4f43c079b6f15410bc35bb7643520dc871e18ba5

Hello All,


So we use a re-occuring GTM for our weekly demo (one in each timezone). Currently we do not host the LP in Marketo because we would need a local form where you choose the date and then anyone that registers would need to route to the individual event. On top of that we have several partners that want to promote the weekly demos but not allow their leads to route into our main database which would mean I need to create separate routing rules for their parameter URLs.


This seems over complicated for something we would need every week. Has anyone created a simplified weekly demo backend that allows you to promote multiple dates of events and parameter URLs for channel partners? Are there best practices or tools to simplify this?


I've built this out in the more complicated way listed above, but it was a nightmare to manage. Because I had to update the dates every week and that includes separate programs for the international weekly demos.


Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.