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Capturing Source of Leads for Website Visitors

Question asked by ef21a0087529839afb8e461975be4167a52a0434 on Oct 20, 2016
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I'm interested in hearing the community's feedback on the topic below:


We recently launched our new corporate website and the strategy is to use it as much as possible to promote assets, events, etc.  During a team discussion yesterday, the question came up of how to appropriately capture source of leads who fill out a form for an asset that is part of a MKTO program but was generated from the website.


If a visitor to our website fills out the form on our website for this asset, and is then marked as a net new lead in the program within MKTO b/c the form is local to the program, is best practice to:


Assign lead source to the website or the type of channel for the acquisition program?


Thank you!