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Google Analytics vs. Marketo Real-Time in RTP

Question asked by ff02339ca9c53a28af36ef01fabf1ebae5ebdccc on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2016 by 043468101e4252afdb21d58f86e0fe4368c613f2

Hi! We are having some issues with our tracking in Google Analytics vs. Marketo Real-Time analytics (as showing in our RTP section). Based on our numbers in GA vs. our numbers in Marketo, it seems that Marketo is tracking almost 2-3X as many visitors. Not sure if this has something to do with our munchkin code or just differences in the way that GA tracks visitors vs. Marketo.


I've not found any documentation on this specific troubleshoot, so if anyone has suggestions of where to start (or if there's documentation out there and I just missed it...totally possible ), suggestions and a nudge in the right direction would be seriously helpful!


I attached screenshots of our GA instance and our Marketo instance taken at the exact same moment (showing the differences in the numbers).