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Can I create a custom field that is a substring of another field?

Question asked by 65d92edc596bf5fc499c8b92a2c3f1d2a3e25564 on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

I'm interested in doing this without scripting, but I can't find a way using formulas.


GOAL: WITHOUT SCRIPTING, I'd like to use a portion of an existing field as a query string in an email link (in our case, OrderID). This OrderID already exists within the text of another field we DO already capture (the OrderURL). In short, I'd like the link to look like this: (or{{lead.OrderID}})


Where OrderURL (an existing field) =


And OrderID (not currently its own field) = 123456


QUESTION: Is there a way to accomplish any of the following?


  1. Create a custom field in Marketo whose value is a portion of another field (a substring function) without scripting

  2. Create the link such that the substring action is performed on the existing field (the OrderURL) within the link itself at the point of render/send (rather than having to create a persistent field)

  3. Accomplish my goal in some other way I haven't considered


Did I mention that I don't want to use scripting to accomplish this? Thanks for any guidance!