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Writing email script

Question asked by 1cfe5e76e32235eabf04390be7bd988bcd72386a Champion on Oct 19, 2016
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Hi Community,


I am not an expert on writing email scripts so I would love your help writing one for an upcoming email send.


The logic I want to use is based on the Lead Owner Email Address


Here is my best guess on how I would write this.  If I'm missing any best practices, please let me know.

#set($valeriearmstrong = "”) 
#set($notvaleriearmstrong = "”)
#set($defaultvalue = "”)

#if (${lead.Lead_Owner_Email_Address} == “")
<a href="http://${valeriearmstrong””>Book time with Val</a>

#elseif (${lead.Lead_Owner_Email_Address} == “")
<a href="http://${notvaleriearmstrong}”>Book time with Not Val</a>

<a href="http://${defaultvalue}”>Book time with our MOPS Team</a>