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"Lead is Created" trigger - best practices on when to use

Question asked by 96030dcae298fc8d406a101c8f48df8b114796e9 on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by a14ce21a7da20372c2e9f713c080102567c46c37

I'm finding myself having to use the "Lead is Created trigger" in several smart campaigns (around 10 currently) but can't figure out a way to get around it. Is it bad to use it multiple times?


I thought using "Data Value Changes" would work instead for most cases of what I am trying to do, but I'm finding that's not true for net new leads. For example, when a new Advertising lead is created and their campaign source is "google" and campaign medium is "cpc", I found that Data Value Changes trigger would not work because they came in with these values. So the only way I can think of to get around it is to add the "Lead is created" trigger as a second trigger like below. We have several similar advertising smart campaigns so I had to add it to each one.



Another example is an alert that I want to send to myself if someone comes in with a potentially misspelled email address. If I use "data value changes" as the only trigger, it will only alert me if an existing lead's email address changes to one of these domains, so I had to add the "lead is created" trigger as well to make sure any new leads created with a junk email domain will trigger the alert.



Is there a better way to do this?