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Check-in app query - how can I check in delegates with new program status 'confirmed' ?

Question asked by b8a16055961a56e49343c79dc41fa77e10fbbd9b on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by josh.hill

We have automated email marketing campaign surrounding our event series (22 events in 20 countries.)


Part of this was an automated email asking delegates to choose one of two training streams at each event - so we added 2 new status  in the Marketo EVENT program Confirmed1 and confirmed2 to indicate which session they have opted to attend.


However - none of these delegates are now appearing in the checkin app - presumably because the app only recognises 'registered' as a field to add them to the list.


How can I make the check in app work - apart from 'unsynching' the event from salesforce, disabling my auto scheduled emails and  manually changing all the status's back to 'Registered' the day before the event? which with 22 separate events is extremely cumbersome!