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Onboarding/Welcome emails

Question asked by d4182a09d2dd143e8fe8a9de1f072c5f61159915 on Oct 16, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by 33a85b9341b5620508aec56163e468ce41362ce7

I am new to Marketo, and currently setting up a series of emails to onboard new customers to a product. There are 5 emails in the series at the moment, and we are wanting to have them 5 working days apart. Customers will be continuously added to the programe from a overnight batch file upload, where I see using a filter on "product = x", "start date = yesterday".  If we do modify the content or add another email in, I do not see the requirement to send this email to the customer, if they have finished the series.

My question is, is it best to do this as a nurture or a trigger campaign.