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New Salesforce Formula Field, Info not coming into Marketo

Question asked by c32aa6fe02bb15b73d3f1cbf971d5691d8e78494 on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by c32aa6fe02bb15b73d3f1cbf971d5691d8e78494

Good Afternoon,

There were a couple of new formula fields that were created in Salesforce that I can see in Marketo however, the data for those leads is not populating in Marketo. Does anyone know if there is something I can do to update or refresh to populate those fields from Salesforce? I've already checked that the sync is up and working, I had disabled and enabled the sync and refreshed the schema.


I've also noticed that I'm not able to use the fields as filters.