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Issues with SugarCRM Marketo Connector

Question asked by 3d032210528f7a8c2a2025aa1139184a805e1b2b on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by a7843679196465e7fc82cbb8f35b24aab778ec16

We recently purchased SugarCRM and have installed the Marketo Connector module.  We are having issues with getting leads from Marketo into Sugar.  We definitely have leads that qualify.  I am wondering if anyone else has had issues with the more recent Marketo Connector provided by SugarCRM directly.


We have followed the instructions provided for installing for the module, setting up the connector in Sugar, setting up webhook and custom header in Marketo, and have tested that the connector is working in Sugar. However no leads are making it into Sugar. Do we need to have campaigns set up in Marketo to actually push that data or does that happen automatically? The documentation doesn't specify.  With other webhooks we've created, we actually have to create campaigns to call the webhook.


Second, we use our Marketo instance for both consumer and commercial business.  Sugar was purchased only for the commercial side of the business.  Is there a way to limit which leads make it into Sugar - we have a field that marks a lead as commercial or consumer, so ideally we'd use that field to limit what goes into Sugar.