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Lead Lifecycle Campaign Setup

Question asked by ef21a0087529839afb8e461975be4167a52a0434 on Oct 12, 2016
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We have an active revenue model set up that includes triggers to listen for certain data value changes to move leads along the funnel. 

I have two questions to make sure I have everything set up correctly:



1. I am setting up an operational lead lifecycle campaign to date stamp custom fields to measure velocity and capture lead lifecycle stage.  Do I need to include the flow to "change revenue stage"?  I just checked the success path analyzer and confirmed that leads are moving through the funnel as the inflow and outflow numbers are changing.  Is that flow step used more for external monitoring?  Such as if a lead skips a funnel stage and needs to be moved into another stage.


2. This is general community question, what parameters do you use to remove leads from your funnel?  Such as if a lead unsubscribes for example?  I'd like to get others input.


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