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Lead Created Date Problem in Smart List

Question asked by 9961c78d12d9b96567137448d8b8fba6da13e082 on Oct 10, 2016
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UPDATE 1: Reading over my question, it boils down to this: How can a "lead is created" trigger with a "created date: between 09/1/2016-09/30/2016" have triggered for a lead on October 4th? The lead in question was Unknown in September but became Known in October.


UPDATE 2: The lead was not previously merged.


UPDATE 3: A filter for "lead was created" in October returns the lead in question



i have a series of programs which record the source of new leads from my various marketing channels.  They are organised by month eg:

201609 - Adwords201610 - Adwords
201609 - Facebook201610 - Facebook


I have an unknown lead with a first touch via adwords in September (201609) who then returns via Facebook in October (201610) where he becomes known.


The lead has '201609 - Facebook' set to it's acquisition program using the rule:


ALL filters apply(1 and 2 and 3 ...)
Trigger - Lead is CreatedCreated Date between '2016-09-01' - '2016-09-30'
Filter 1 - utm Source MKTOutm Source is 'facebook'


This is his activity log:


04/10/2016 05:04New LeadLead name: "example name", source: Web form fillout
04/10/2016 05:03Change Program StatusSkipped Cannot add an anonymous lead to a program
04/10/2016 05:03Visit Web is facebook - the date is oct)
12/09/2016 22:48Visit Web is adwords - the date is sept)


Here's a summary of my questions and thoughts:

  • FYI This is not a question about which acquisition channel is 'correct' as you see it. It's a technical question about Marketo triggers and filters.  Please don't tell me I should be setting awords as the acquisition program under a first touch model
  • Marketo started recording the lead in september as an anonymous lead visiting a webpage. Does this count as a lead being created? Would the "Lead is Created" trigger activate for this?
  • The smart list in the '201609 - Facebook' program I outlined above did trigger in October for this lead.
  • The field "utm Source" with the value as 'facebook' would only have been set in October when the lead visited the site via facebook. The date on the trigger is for a lead created in september. How could these smart list rules have been satisfied?


Thanks for any help