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What are the Program Type Uses & Definitions

Question asked by db10a78791103b443724d542ce41157e4706aeb8 on Oct 10, 2016
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Hello All!


I am interested to here how everyone else out there is using Marketo Programs (Engagement, Default, Email), what you define them as, and what you believe the best practices are.  The reason I am asking the community this is because it seems like there is no standard and people use them in all different ways.



1. What are the definitions of each one of these program types?



2. What are each one of these programs meant for and what is there use?



3. What are the definitions differences of an Email Blast, Drip Campaign, and Nurture Campaign and what corresponding Marketo program types do you use for each one of these. 



4. Marketo talks about a Drip Nurture Campaign/Program.  Am I going crazy or does this not make sense because aren't Drip Campaigns different than Nurture Campaigns or are they saying you have both Drip Campaigns and Nurture Campaigns working together in one program, an Engagement Program?  I did my research and find that everyone defines Drips and Nurtures differently. 



Thank you in advance!