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When does a Cookie meet and match it's lead?

Question asked by 1fc6b6248552bae364e94286a53e337f2985c6d5 on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

I imported approx 8k leads, with 600 being brand new and the rest previously existed in our DB since September 19th (from another list import). As a whole, they have taken little action across our landing pages, emails, or demand gen engine, however approx 7500 were send a newsletter email last month.


Since these leads are in our DB, they technically qualify as "known?" My question is if they visit a Marketo Landing page, will that action be tracked/linked with the correct lead? We are targeting that import via a Linkedin Ad Campaign. From the Linkedin ads, we are driving them to a Marketo Landing Page, if they click the CTA button they are routed to a 2nd Thank you Landing Page.


Will I be able to set up a listening campaign that triggers on "Visits Web Page" = 2nd Thank you Landing Page to capture the leads that successfully engage with the ad campaign without a form? or does the CTA need to feature a form to connect the web page visit with the lead that already exists in our Database?


Thank you for any insight!!