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Getting leads updated in a time range

Question asked by 6b683481a37b5d069fc55c39ee57bf12d72f8d34 on Oct 6, 2016
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The activities/leadschanges endpoint "Returns a list of Data Value Changes and New Lead activities after a given datetime", as the documentation says: (!/Activities/getLeadChangesU…)


That seems to mean that a Lead has been run through some activity and that some of its values has been updated. My question is: Does it means when that happens that the Lead has been updated? Can we say it?


A lead has a creation date as well as an updating date. The updated date of a lead, should match some row in the activities/leadschanges results. Is that a correct asumption?


What I'm trying to do is getting just the leads that have been updated in a time range. So, I request getLeadsChanges endpoint for that time range, extract the lead IDs and ensure they are unique, and then I query those lead IDs to get a bigger picture of them. Does it make any sense?