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Domain Alias & Marketo Migration

Question asked by 862c62524b0f2b3e78cd0b1aa3ec169929c08054 on Oct 5, 2016
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Hi all,


I've done a bit of digging and contacted support as well on this topic but the answers have been slightly vague and inconsistent. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on the questions below! For the most part I have a lot of areas covered when it comes to merging instances and creating aliases, but there are a few things that I can't test (and man do I love to test) so I'd like to ask the community for clarification before pulling the trigger.




Scenario 1 - We're updating the domain of our marketo instance from ** to **.


Question - When we switch to, does the url for all *existing* Landing Pages, images and files immediately update to have the new in its url?




Scenario 2 - Lets say we're migrating the Marketo instance of Company1 into Company2 for one awesome Marketo platform. I'm pretty clear on the work involved regarding importing programs and leads. I think I'm unclear on the effects this will have on the websites and creation of new Landing Pages as well as images/files. Company1 and Company2  will maintain their own individual websites ( and but leads from both sites flow to one Marketo where the domain is


Question - In order for Company1 to use Landing Pages, images and files that are created in the marketo instance where the domain is, do we have to:

1) Create a domanin alias for Company1 AND

2) Have Company1's web team add the following as an entry for their website: CNAME


Once this is done, let's say we build a landing page in Marketo that generates a link of, we should be able to also use and land on the page, yes?


I look forward to your thoughts!