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When a lead no longer qualifies for a program how can I ensure they are removed and placed in a program they are eligible for?

Question asked by c27145a24b637a46aff95f9a3993303a1788b2d6 on Oct 6, 2016
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We currently have a number of programs in place that are targeted to different types of contacts within our lead database. In some situations our sales team will add more information to a lead record further down the road. (for example. after further conversations they discover this lead is part of an association.) This would put that lead in a completely different program targeted towards the different associations we work with.


My question is this. If changes are made to the lead record that no longer make them eligible for the program they are currently in, can I create a logic that will kick them out of the current program and place them in the new program they now qualify for? I assumed Marketo would do this automatically but that is not the case.