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Where do you store your email preferences data?

Question asked by d060678c6e137573e9e36af47811178da86b6ce0 on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by e6615dd679b5dd0c3e60c20085706f392a9af2cb

Hi All,


I'm in the process of building out our email preferences center, but was hoping to take a different angle on the topic and ask where you store your lead's email preferences as opposed to the nuts and bolts of setting one up. My initial gut feeling is to create fields in SFDC so they are easily visible and accessible, but one of my colleagues brought up an intriguing idea to use SFDC Campaigns. For example, the campaign would be "Blog Posts" and then we can use member status to capture frequency such as "Once every two weeks". I like the idea of cutting down on the amount of fields, but the visibility won't be as great.


I'd love to know your thoughts in terms of scalability and reporting.


Thanks in advance!