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Use token in "Sync Leads to SFDC" flow step

Question asked by bdca92ab66699ff542c8f29ae1f7fe08c9317d6c on Oct 4, 2016
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Hi, I've talked to our office hour consultant today, and we're trying to figure out the feasibility of using a token in place of "assign to" Salesforce user at "sync leads to sfdc" flow step.


Our use case is, we create custom links to different videos for different channel partners, and each link has its unique query string. I use "fills out form" trigger plus the query string constraint, and flow steps would be assigning leads to sfdc, sending alert and attaching to sfdc campaign etc. However, inevitably we will have channel sales user change, and we would need to update the "assign to sfdc" user, also the "send alert" email address, this is causing a big headache, as we have 200+ smart campaigns set up like this, and we need to repeat updating the user and email information 200 times. That's why I came up with a solution of replacing the user's name and email with folder tokens. But it failed to work from the tests performed.


I thought about consolidated the Smart Campaigns by replacing query strings with tokens, but then we lost track of members of each smart campaign/query string. We need to build separate smart list to indicates the leads referred by each query string or partner. To my understanding, that generate even more redundant work.


Does anyone have the same use case, or try to use token in Sync Leads to SFDC flow step? What would be the best practice?


Thank you in advance!