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Which deliverability tool do you prefer?

Question asked by 984db947116dc71becd8d9a9d21469bfca4b2659 on Oct 3, 2016
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I'm currently evaluating Marketo's 250ok Deliverability tool, and Litmus' tool. Noticed a few things off the bat that would be nice to have in 250ok's tool, maybe there's a way to do it that I'm not familiar with, or if you are currently using Litmus, are there any strengths or weaknesses that it has?


  • Is there a way to track forwards without creating a new record? And with the ESP forward button?
    • Litmus does this via token, is there a way to do that within 250ok or Marketo?
  • Is there a way to show how long they viewed the email?
  • Is there a way to show the email clients at high level?
  • Can you track replies?
    • Is there a way in Marketo?
  • Can you track where it was opened?
    • If I noticed a lot of people where to open it from Japan, I'd like to invest in getting content translated
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each tool you noticed and work around
  • In-depth tutorial on 250ok tool?
    • Wondering what each report does, and if I need to copy/paste HTML into each design informant test. Is there an easier way? I thought 250ok would pickup emails already built in marketo instance. Am I missing something ?


Interested in hearing anyone who has used both, prefers one and not the other, and why.

What's your favorite all-in-one tool to test email deliverability, design, etc?


Thanks in advance!