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Is lead partition routing working for you?  Not for us.

Question asked by dan.stevens Champion on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by 73a78691491f465ec089027ce6e35b92dd225378

UPDATE: Per MJ's reply below, this is not an ABM issue.  It's just a coincidence that this issue surfaced the same time ABM was deployed today.



A couple hours ago, I email support in that - all of a sudden - we can't route leads to country lead partitions.  We have 23 of them.  This is absolutely critical for our working environment.  I then tried to modify my support case by letting them know I ran more tests (no matter what I do - create new leads, edit existing ones, we cannot re-assign lead partitions), and now I see that I can't even access the Support portal:


About 15 minutes ago, I also received a message that Marketo ABM was turned on in our instance.  Not sure if this is related or just coincidental.


Mahesh Jeswani