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Fills Out Facebook Lead Ads Form Trigger not working

Question asked by ff4d89a4dfb82e5030ed1da2ab4ca6d94658d5ca on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by ff4d89a4dfb82e5030ed1da2ab4ca6d94658d5ca

We recently implemented the Facebook Launchpoint service and created our first lead ad. The leads seem to be populating into Marketo correctly and routing to our correct partition. The problem comes when we try to use the "Fills Out Facebook Lead Ads Form" trigger in a campaign. The leads come into Marketo and ideally we would like to send them an email after this happens so our campaign is as follows:


Smart list is TRIGGER "filled out facebook lead ads form"

Flow is "send email".


We tested this several times (following Marketo's intructions for testing lead ads) using several different Facebook accounts and every single lead came into Marketo and never recieved an email. We created a smart list with a FILTER "Filled out Facebook Lead ads form" and all the leads are indeed there.


We have a work around, but it is not ideal, as these new leads will not get their "welcome" email immediately after signup. It seems that the FILTER is working but the TRIGGER is not. If anyone has a similar issue or can offer a solution please feel free to leave feedback below. Thanks in advance!

Celena Price