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How to find which fields are mapped between Marketo and SFDC

Question asked by c99f004ef85cffc4fd74bb0a5378aa307786bfe8 on Sep 30, 2016
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So I was surprised to hear that there is no easy way to determine which Marketo Fields are mapped to which SFDC fields. We did an initial sync about a year ago and we didn't like the results so we turned off the sync right away. We are ready to try again but I need to know which fields are mapped. Here is what i have done.


- using admin rights I went to field management and I exported the mapping. However, I was warned that this mapping information is just a snap shot of your initial sync and if you made any changes since then those would not be reflected. I think this is ok for me since we turned the sync off right after our initial sync and haven't made any changes


- I also read about an app in the SFDC app exchange store called "Field Trip" but that sounds more like analyzing field utilization within SFDC and not sure how it helps with identifying field mapping. If anyone has used this I would like to hear your feedback


As always any help is appreciated.