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Deleting Leads & Historical Data

Question asked by 40811e9a66ca3ef3886fa76e64c4b7854dbb765a on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by josh.hill

We are provided lists of students with contact information from schools bi-annually. To stay within the limits of our contract, I'm removing leads from our database that are not active. The problem I'm having is historical data.


I might be over thinking this, but if Person A has unsubscribed from our emails, we obviously don't want them to be taking up space towards our limit, so I was going to just remove them. However, if the list we get in the next five months has Person A listed, would Marketo know they have previously unsubscribed from our communications even though I removed them?


I don't want dead leads to be taking up our limit, but I also don't want to be removing names and leads from our system that have opt-ed out if they may be re-added in the next six months. Do all leads, unsubscribed included, count towards the database limit, or is it only the "Marketable" leads?