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Can Elements be completely deleted within a module?

Question asked by 933844f5b87a2b3074f8b8c4cd4fdffe4142922e on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by e5d211f411e3c9100f90b1ed02839f719234766c

Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong spot...
I'm trying to figure out if an element can be completely deleted within a module. Lets say I have editable text within a module — I can clear the text from within the element, but I can't outright delete that element so it's space is removed from the module and content below, moves up to fill it's place.

The image below illustrates what I'm trying to do.




is it possible to be able to tag an element or utilize snippets in a way that would achieve the result seen in the 3rd image?


i just need to know if this kind of functionality is available or not.