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How to create stream separation with 1 email?

Question asked by 34a92027d09ad47b2b17713e031c222c58705d74 on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by dd34a3d5d8f9572e3905b50f127a3c0521eaf4fe

I have an initial list generated from a form on our website.


I'm trying to create an email with 2 clickable call to actions (CTA1 - CTA2) where the e-mail recipients "first click decision" determines which stream of product interest they will flow through AND will exclude them from entering the second stream even if they click on it after returning to their email.


1 - User receives and open email

2 - Clicks on CTA2, visits destination to a YouTube video

3 - Returns to their email

4 - Clicks CTA1, visits a web destination

I'm trying to find the appropriate Marketo solution to have the above user, having clicked on CTA2 first fall into a CTA2 stream and be excluded from the CTA1 stream despite having visited after the CTA2 click.