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A few questions about the block field updates feature...

Question asked by b360d94cc418c749d805a35bd52be3c8205934e2 on Sep 28, 2016
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We are in the early stages of integrating Marketo with our custom CRM. For the past year and a half, we've used the Spark edition, and the only method of updating a majority of our client detail was via list import.


Now, having upgraded to the Standard version, we are testing integration, and want to temporarily block field updates to our 'Client ID' field via any API function, while we work out other issues.


Before we do this, I have two questions:


1 - If, down the road, we want to activate API updates, the block update field selection works as a toggle switch, correct? I can switch the function on and off via the block updates form pictured below, is that right?


2 - If we do block updates to data in that field via the API, once blocked, it will prevent the API from creating a lead in Marketo and populating that field with 'new' data, is that right? Meaning, we'll have to allow API updates to this field in the future if we intend for Marketo leads to be created via an API function, with that field populated as part of the lead creation process. .