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Why does only 7 out of my 35 registered leads have the activity type "Fill out form"...

Question asked by 9940b05c1e8350ce65fe0924bdd29c751071ef59 on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by 9940b05c1e8350ce65fe0924bdd29c751071ef59

Hello Marketo Community


I am running an event.


In order to register for this event you have to fill out a form.


The different campaign steps are:






I have 35 people that registered for the event.


However, in the 'Results' for the 0.Deployment campaign step, only 8 people have the activity type: "fill out form".


It is the only way to register for the event and I wonder why not all of the 35 registered people have this activity type?



It bugs my mind.


I hope you can help me


Thanks a lot in advance


Yours sincerely