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Disassociate a Lead from a Smart Campaign

Question asked by 4ddf187b8a71f330433bcef64079283a1e6021e4 on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by 4ddf187b8a71f330433bcef64079283a1e6021e4

Hi Kenny Elkington,

I have created a Smart Campaign and added some filters to it, when the lead is created with the supplied filters, the lead is getting added to the Campaign that I created and everything works fine.

However, there are some cases, where I have to disassociate the lead from the campaign (the lead should be removed from just the campaign, not the actual lead deletion)

But I couldn't find any rest API call that does the operation of disassociating the lead from Smart Campaign.


I appreciate if you could let me know if there is a way to achieve the functionality.


Thanks and Have a wonderful day ahead.