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Tracking Google Adwords with non Marketo signup form

Question asked by c55d54e72df3f98d72f690944ae00c23682cc905 on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

Hello, I have a question about tracking Google Adwords when using a non Marketo signup form.  We have a couple Marketo landing pages with our own signup form as a snippet on the page.  When a lead visits the ad they are directed to the landing page and can signup for a free trial of our software.  The form that is our own custom html snippet on the landing page.  We also have a custom line of code that Google Adwords looks for on our site once the lead actually fills out the form.  In the form we have a couple hidden fields that pass information into Marketo in the lead record.  Also on the Marketo side we are tracking with page visits and UTM's.  The problem we are noticing is Google Adwords will give us a number that should have signed up but Marketo is giving us a different number.  My theory is when the lead goes from anonymous to known we are loosing tracking information in the lead record.  Does anyone have any experience with this situation?


Thanks in advance for your help!