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Special Characters when downloading data from marketo

Question asked by b58dd6ca8e577c89ce6d40ea2dfb5a1c996d4a64 on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by b58dd6ca8e577c89ce6d40ea2dfb5a1c996d4a64

Ok, so I found part of the answer to my question, but my specific case is it doesn't work for my Mac users.

I have a Mac user who gets sent a weekly report. He's in Russia and when individuals fill out our forms in Russian, it appears corretly in Marketo, it syncs with SFDC correctly, and when I download it to my PC manually, using Excel 2007, it appears correctly.

When we download the file as Excel 2007 to a Mac, it shows up as wingdings script.


Any suggestions on how to corret this. Is this a Mac issue where settings within the Mac need to be addressed?


Special Characters when downloading data from marketo or Uploading into Marketo