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Show Thank You Message Without a Follow-Up Landing Page

Question asked by 5697c1adf64e6be9408835730fe209934d5c3f8b on Sep 23, 2016
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We are using Marketo forms embedded on our external website. We have followed the instructions from the developer tools on how to use JavaScript to have a confirmation message appear after the form is completed, rather than lead to an separate landing page. (Instructions: ) These confirmations are working correctly for individual form fill-outs with no issue.


However, we have a newsletter subscription form that is permanently in the footer of our website. We have noticed that on pages where our resource download forms exist, the confirmation appears on the resource form after completion, as well as subscription form at the bottom.


Does anyone know what we have to edit in our JavaScript to make sure that the confirmation only appears for that specifically identified form?


Thank you!!