Crowdsourcing: What Topics Would You be Interested to Hear at Summit?

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Because I've heard feedback from various friends, colleagues and attendees of Marketo Summit presentations over the past few years, I'd love to submit a talk—but one that's actually what people want to hear and feel is really useful to what they need to accomplish in their sales, marketing and service organizations. As such, I'd love to know what topics of interest the Community would want to attend this upcoming Summit. Some of the topics I've considered proposing include:


- "Make Marketo and [Google Analytics/Omniture/Domo/DoubleDutch/my video platform/my CMS/my digital advertising] Talk to Each Other in a Meaningful Way!"

- "Why are Marketo and Salesforce Not Playing Nicely Together and How Do I Fix It?"

- "How Do I Make the Most Effective, Most Responsive, Most Awesome [Email Editor 2.0 emails/Guided LP templates] and/or Transition From Old Email/LP Editor Hacks to New Ones?"

- "How Can I Get IT/Sales/Service/CRM Administration On-Board with My Initiatives?"

- "How Do I Get Data in Shape to Build a Customer Journey?"

- "What's the Best Place to Get a Burrito in San Francisco?" (Spoilers: Taqueria Guadalajara)


Alternately, I'd be open to structuring a talk based on whatever seems to have the most interest here. Thanks in advance!