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UTM coding in URL following a web visitor?

Question asked by e16d61a04e4a391624f546a7c43b6da534efe7dd Champion on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by jessica.kao

Hey everyone,

We use UTM coding in our URLs to track things like people who click to our site from PPC ads. This works wonderfully in Marketo when the lead goes directly from a PPC ad with a UTM coded URL to a page with a form on it and that UTM code is captured in a hidden form.


However, the problem we (Louie Frank , Cam Conrad and I) are running into is... people don't do that all the time! They like to bounce around a bit and then fill out a form. When they do that, we lose the UTM coding and are not able to know that they came from PPC.


Is anyone else facing this issue? How are you solving it? THANK YOU!