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"Lead Status" field do not list down with picklist values in Marekto.

Question asked by 369e879f24aa1814ed59bbdb865f080f9149b5b7 on Sep 19, 2016
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The "Lead Status" field do not list down with all pick list values in Marketo, unlike the other pick list fields in Marketo like "Lead Source" (lists all pick list values correctly) etc.,


Background details about the fields.

The picklist values of the fields are synced from SFDC.

Lead Status field is of type - String and the field is mapped as below, with one standard field in lead object "Status" and other custom field in contact object "Status__c".


Lead Source field is of type String in Marketo. And the field is mapped to one same standard field in both Object "lead and contact "



Cause of the Issue: Could you please help to confirm the cause of the issue, Is it because

1. the lead status field should not be mapped to two different fields of object  in SFDC (OR)

2. Clarify on above and lets us know if there is any other reason for it. Or is it something that has to be checked in SFDC?


Thanks in advance..