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Trigger change in lead score after a different data value change

Question asked by b87ccb5e28c5f7a41b803f6a30e91d29fefb192d on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2016 by b87ccb5e28c5f7a41b803f6a30e91d29fefb192d

Hi Community,


I'm trying to set up a trigger campaign that will notify our Account Execs when their lead that they've already accepted (Sales Accepted Lifecycle) gets their lead score goes up an additional 50, after having the lifecycle status of Sales Accepted.


How it currently works is that when a lead's score hits 50, their lifecycle status changes to MQL and sales is notified. Sales then accepts by logging activity in our CRM which triggers their status to be Sales Accepted. The problem is that 1) sales sometimes forgets these leads and doesn't follow up more or 2) there are leads that were assigned a Sales Accepted lifecycle status because of activity that happened years ago from a sales rep - so if that leads begins to engage with us again, we want to make sure it freshly gets put before them as an engaged and qualified lead. (Currently our MQL trigger only triggers if the status is NOT Sales Accepted or Sales Qualified).


Since we don't have anything that saves the date when someone becomes MQL into a field -- I can't use that in the lead score trigger as "Lead Score changes by +50 after date of that custom field.


I would do a similar thing for leads with the lifecycle status of "customer" who have activity after they officially become a customer and could potentially be ready for more sales.


We don't want to lower the lead score when they become SA or a customer because we use that to gauge continual engagement.


Does anyone have any ideas for how to accomplish this?