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Email send from batch campaign in nurture

Question asked by 4aa0dd701e243e1b5794a82df1e87edba7b0fcd2 on Sep 16, 2016
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I currently have programs setup within my nurture streams that run on a weekly basis. Each program has a batch smart campaign that sends its specific email. I am now wanting to create a similar smart campaign that will send an A/B email based on random sample. I want to setup all the logic for the new smart campaign now, but I don't want it to run when the engagement program is cast.



Is there a way to prevent this from happening? To sum this up, both the new and old smart campaigns have same smart list filters, but I only want the older one to run until I'm ready for the new one. 1) How can I prevent the new one from launching yet 2) When ready, how do I then set it to where the new one will launch and not the old (I don't really want to delete the old one)?