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Lead Clicked Link in Email - That Link isn't in the Email

Question asked by 23d11fdb256d2c38ade8a8dbd5a8512f2a44b974 on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by 23d11fdb256d2c38ade8a8dbd5a8512f2a44b974

We recently sent a product launch email. Within that email was a CTA leading to a factsheet for the new product. When I created a smart list to get a deeper look at click activity, two leads show as having clicked a link to a different product's factsheet.


I triple-checked that the launch email did indeed have the correct files linked. The link that Marketo is claiming these leads clicked - it is not active at this time. It is to an old file.


Any idea why I'm getting this activity? I am 100% sure that the old product's link was not at all present in the new product launch email.