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Dynamic content suggestion on Thank You page

Question asked by 8fef543cab1b8eb6eed8cb2a8074d8b1a075070d on Sep 15, 2016
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I have a "Thank You" page where a user ends up after downloading a piece of content. All my content landing pages points to that "Thank You" page after the user fills out the download form.


I want to include a section "Other content that you might like" on the page that will dynamically display other content that does not include the one that the user has just downloaded.


So far what I've done is create custom lead field "Last Visited Page" which populates with the URL of the content landing page the user is on after the form-fill. Based on that custom field, I've created segments and accompanying snippets that will display the suggested content. However, as the field is populated only after the form-fill, it doesn't update fast enough to be segmented quickly so that the right suggested content will display on the "Thank You" page.


Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to go about this?


And, is there a way to dynamically display random suggested content without segmentation? (my edition of Marketo does not include RTP)