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Automate email throttling

Question asked by 2f5583197ab93b52238dedcbdbea62ffc1c5bae0 on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by 3eb82daf2758d203ce064b8dfe49a4179e1d8503

Hi everyone,


We often manually throttle our emails that have a CTA to call the sales rep, so they aren't bombarded with more calls than they can handle per day. Right now the process is as follows:

Take a list of 10k leads where we want to send 2,000 a day Mon-Fri.

  1. Create a static list
  2. Add to the static list via a smart campaign using random sample. In this example it would be 20%
  3. Create a "send email" smart campaign to send it to the 2k members of the static list
  4. Clear static list using another campaign or flow step.
  5. Repeat manual launch of campaigns, taking into consideration that the static list is now down to 8k
  6. Recalculate the random sample to 25%


Has anyone come up with an easier solution to this? I would love to set it as a reoccurring batch campaign but I want to make sure that the number of leads per day is accurate.