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Email 2.0 Template doesn't update my current email assets

Question asked by e5d211f411e3c9100f90b1ed02839f719234766c on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by 2f10b4c108652da26289f42d8f6d19f347037341

I'm testing and experimenting with Email 2.0 and am using the Iceberg template as a starter. My problem is as follows:


  • I used the Iceberg template as a starter and saved it as a Email Template in the Design Studio and called Event Template
    • I created an email asset using the Event Template, added content and approved the asset
    • I also created another email asset using the Event Template and left it in draft mode 


My issue is that when I go back to the in the Event Template in the Design Studio and make changes to the HTML (due to fixes needed from testing) and approve it, the changes are not reflected in my email assets above (even after I approve the new draft). To see the changes I have to create a brand new email asset to see the new HTML. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


At first look the email assets are not updating themselves with the new template HTML and are keeping the original old HTML (even after approvals). The bigger problem is that generally we have 1000's of emails that uses the one template, so I don't want to deploy Email 2.0 if we can not go in and do general template updates as and when we need them and mass approve without it updating all current assets with the full new HTML, this is a standard feature of Email 1.0, a quick example of when we need to do this is if we are updating our T&C's, etc... in the scenario above, all my email assets that use the Email 2.0 template won't get the updated.