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Changing Contacts Back to Leads in SFDC

Question asked by ce511fe2af740df51e78cb57f60957799c6fc118 on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by ce511fe2af740df51e78cb57f60957799c6fc118

Hi everyone -


I am trying to do some clean-up in salesforce and would like to revert a batch of accounts/contacts back to leads. These were people who were converted up to accounts based on our previous process, but now we have SDRs that are working at the lead object. From what I am reading on SFDC community, most people say just delete them and reimport them as leads. There are a couple of concerns I have with this.


1) the historical marketo data (campaigns they were a part of, emails they received, etc.)

2) the created date would then show one date vs. the actual date they came in as an inbound. This would have a bad effect on our reporting.


Has anyone ever done this before? Any recommendations you have?


Thanks for your help -