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What Do You Think Marketo's ABM Product Means for the ABM MarTech Landscape?

Question asked by 3229fea7953d2309dd00ae148bac63b163a4e6f4 Champion on Sep 14, 2016

Marketo's ABM product launch event on 9/13 seemed to signal that a "big player" in the market was making it's move in the ABM MarTech space.



It was really difficult to get a demo with only three stations so it is hard to say what the tool will encompass. However, Marketo did make it seem that you could do things in their ABM tool that would typically require you to have several ABM tech vendors solve.


If it's true, and assuming the product is ready to meet the needs of ABM marketers, what do you think this means for the ABM tech landscape? Are they going to go head to head with other players, and are we going to see any consolidation in the market?