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Multi-touch attribution

Question asked by 8f814da71660c4b04ca49a441a83c22677e6f7d5 on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by fccaa2e2e83d71da4383d7e57cbe9bfb19580f32

So I've hit a bit of a blocker with my attribution reporting set-up…

I've created various SCs to track and update program status' for my various channel values but the only leads which are qualifying as members for these are new leads who have come through these channels as first touch.


I was hoping my leads would pass through any SC that corresponded with their activity (including PPC SCs, social SCs, etc) to support the multi-touch attribution / show on the opportunity influence analyser.


I can see why this is happening (& in theory is therefore working as it should) as I presume the ‘referral source’, etc is listening out for these details in the lead info opposed to the campaign url which is possibly why I’ve not managed to capture this info.


Does anyone have any experience of setting up multi-touch attribution and can share ideas on how best I can capture this information moving forward (without RCE)?


I’ve asked support for advice on this but they’ve suggested I ask on here as they don't see any workaround at the moment to look for multi touch…