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Receiving 605 Request method 'POST' not supported for pushToMarketo endpoint

Question asked by 730f09293de9eee82078f575434b6f056a81d328 on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by 2dd6bfd88d69f25c6fc247c59fc5eb9ce38b8164



I'm trying to add member to program via REST API.

It seems like pushToMarketo endpoint works good.!/Leads/pushToMarketoUsingPO…


But actually pushToMarketo endpoint returns error like below.


  "requestId": "7987#15728dda713",

  "success": false,

  "errors": [


      "code": "605",

      "message": "Request method 'POST' not supported"





I send POST request but response said POST not supported.


Is the pushToMaketo API is not supported?