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Program Inside Engagement Program Problems

Question asked by 8ffee356ff05f304caf3ea10ea35c1a66f82d654 on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by josh.hill

Hello Marketo Community -


I am looking for some help on one of my engagement programs that I am setting up.  This is my first time setting up an engagement program with a nested program that has multiple wait stops & actions.


Currently, I am having a problem with the re-send & actions after the first send going out. The initial send with wait period is working appropriately though.


The first cast of "Stream 1" is to go off everyday at a specific time (8:00AM) with the corresponding wait periods below...


To reiterate my first send is going out at the proper time but the resend and additional actions like send alert, and change program stream are not triggering at all.  I have this exact engagement program set up in a test version that reduces the actual days down to minutes or hours respectively. Do I have to create separate nested programs for each action (re-send, send alert, and change program stream)? or can I keep it all in the same nested program as is?


Thank you in advance for you help.