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RTP - Segments - Order of conditions impact?

Question asked by 240dfde2eb59520b972ff92737310694e9f76d92 on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2016 by 043468101e4252afdb21d58f86e0fe4368c613f2

When setting a segment and adding the data points/rule and the condition statement use is "OR", will RTP run the rules in order of which they are listed?


For example if I have IP address = Financial Services OR Marketo Database field named Main Industry = Financial Services.


Will it stop at IP address if it matches and not look at the second condition?


Does it look at both even with the OR condition?   OR The order is important if I want known folks in the Marketo Database to be served up based on what is in the database?


Thanks for assistance or insights.