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Split test entire campaign / flow

Question asked by 0b1882bf65247ec5a4ad041541ce06aaef6e3bcb on Sep 11, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by d5bb13a5bcc9bcd279eb86a684ecee09816d3090

Hi everyone,


I need to test a Campaign Flow, rather than a single email. Here's the scenario:


- I want to test on-boarding members via just email vs email + print (as in, actual physical postcards etc by snail mail)

- On one Campaign or one Flow I would have just the welcome email

- On the other Campaign or Flow would have the same email plus a webhook that sends some data to the printer

- Then compare them for a period and monitor their conversion rate or the retention rates as the case may be


I haven't found anything that shows how to test anything outside of RTP or emails. Is my scenario feasible?


Many thanks!