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How do we report on (each) of our reoccurring email campaigns?

Question asked by 5c472654b29044c0ecb3ade8a76fdec210a429a3 on Sep 12, 2016
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I have reoccuring emails campaigns set up that I schedule 3 times per month. I would like to see the email metrics of delivered, opens, clicks for EACH of these sends - but because the email itself doesn't change, the email performance report will only show me the metrics for "leads" receiving the email for the first time. How can I see the metrics for each send when the email and smart campaign stays the same?


For example, campaign A has 8 different emails and smart lists that are used in a smart campaign "if/then" order. If customer has product 1, they get email 1. If customer has product 2, they get email 2, and so forth + product purchase date in past 12 months + product purchase date in the past before 6 months. Because of the time frame, every email send has a slightly different group of customers.


This email was sent August 9, August 17, August 25, September 7, September 12.


If I go into Analytics, email performance, choose these emails, and choose "September 12" as the SENT date, the delivered number is less than 100. But if I do a smart list that says "Was Sent Email X on September 12, 2016" it says close to 6,000 (which is the expected number.) So, I am assuming the analytics email performance report is only showing the sent emails that were sent for the first time on September 12, not all of the reoccuring emails that have been sent these past few weeks. Is that correct? How can I accurately report on each of these email sends?


Thank you so much!