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Webhook and Lithium Community

Question asked by a72e06c9e7205b782ed0a2a7804eb864b7fc5520 on Sep 11, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

Hi all.


Has anyone had any experience using Webhooks with Lithiums REST API?


The issue I am having is that to use Lithium's API I need to do the following.

1. Make an initial call to Lithium with a username and password to get a session token.

2. Use the session token for the next API call to Lithium


To test this I have done the following.

1.  Create a webhook called Session Token which authenticates and saves the token to a custom field in Marketo

2.  Create a webhook called Lithium API which calls Lithiums API and passes the token captured in step 1.

3.  Set up a trigger smart campaign to call SESSION TOKEN, wait 30 seconds, then call LITHIUM API


The first API works successfully and saves the token string, the second one fails with permission issues.


My theory is each time Marketo calls the webhook, it starts a new session.


Has anyone got any ideas to call two webhooks in the same session?